Stop N Think (Ultraklystron Check Em Mix)

from by Stevie Kincade

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Young man think you know
the ways the world
you know nothing but the struggles of a boy to be heard
you preferred to lie to yourself
Left your talent rotting up on the shelf
it was affecting your health
Both mental and phsyical
Never reached the pinnacle
Victim of a young mans pride your not invincible
But Father time is the champ
Kick a young mans dreams in the ass
ya he’ll be laughing like a bastard
bitch slappin you out your trance
Tell me when youve ever taken a stance
that wasnt self serving
caught up in self glorifying fantasy
Glad to be distracted til you find your spirit atrophied
So lift yourself out of the dust
get back on the horse
and readjust your course some more
Go n Take a little time for yourself
You know that nobody else is gonna help you

Youd better stop n think about what your doin

Young man ya you cant even tell your naive
Who were you tryin to please?
Been living life on your knees
bowing to the might of the ego
Stay satisfied with your nightly placebo
Anything to draw attention from the fact
that you lack any means to backtrack
your way to the path
Gone and lost your equilibrium
Fight parasites like cryptosperidium
Its and every day battle just to get through
Temporary pleasures of the flesh seek to tempt you
Rend you a shell of your potential
Tossed whats important for the inconsequential
Alarm bells should be ringing in your ears
The death knell of all you held dear
youve never heard it so clear
A voice inside you yells:
“You betta check yourself before you wreck yourself”


from Apocryphal Gospels (The Ultraklystron Remixes), released June 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Stevie Kincade Sydney, Australia

Stevie Kincade is a rapper and vocalist from Sydney Australia.

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