Vision Ft LABAL​-​S (Ultraklystron LaserGuide Mix)

from by Stevie Kincade

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I Close my eyes and I can see it inside I got a vision
Enthiogenic fumes fill the room changing my worldview
I Step outside of space and time to find I got a vision
I can elevate myself to a higher states of mind Ive seen a vision
She said Ill come with you
taste the forbidden fruit
taste the right of kings
visionary shaman psychonauts
who bought & purchased passage
to the dark side of the unvirse
who tapped into a vein of the collective
never mixin the message
While eclipsing the heavens
With new thoughts and perceptions
A collective ascendance an ancestral rememberance
You weree lied to, your body is a vessel of the universal consciousness
The god in yous been starving cos you never grew
never knew you dont need religion to commune with the godhead
Yahwehs dead Just you and me left
Ya we better start our using our heads
Just yourself to contend with
Dont ever forget this

He pointed at the scenery of trees and said me
"look man their all props" and as the flashbulb went off I saw in 4D
Gaze down at my hands time itself lost all command
as my pineal took a blast from an ancient herb
The kundalini serpent woke arisen from its slumber
revealed to me the wonders of the universe
Im humbled in the purest sense
awestruck by the interdconnectedness
CAn you take The rapid fire bitter pill litmus test
roller coaster ride to the godhead
Yahwehs dead just you and me left
Dont ever forget
that the only thing divine is inside you
Open your eyes breathe it in you can find yours


from Apocryphal Gospels (The Ultraklystron Remixes), released June 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Stevie Kincade Sydney, Australia

Stevie Kincade is a rapper and vocalist from Sydney Australia.

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